Dinner Cruise at Manila Bay


This is how I describe our dinner cruise adventure at the Manila Bay. On board Prestige Cruises, my friends and I (we were about 20) decided to celebrate the July, August and September birthdays with pizzazz.


The belles donning their fascinators.

Our party’s theme was fascinators, and we were dressed in the 20’s. The exciting vibe has caught on board as our fellow passengers enjoyed the spectacle our dresses offered. Many of them were couples wanting for a romantic dinner on a cruise ship.

We left the dock at about sun down and the view of Roxas Boulevard lit up with the changing hue of the sky as the backdrop. Neon lights filled the view and the striking SM Mall of Asia could be spotted from afar.


View from the bay.

It would have all been fine except for the food, which I think the cruise’ management could still improve on. Nevertheless, we ate in haste and proceeded to the end of the small ship for the fireworks display. Colors lit up the sky in different shapes — flowers, smileys, meteors.

The cruise last for more than an hour and the cruise ship sails every two hours. We took two trips so we could enjoy the night (not the food), with a live band filling the air with their music and constant birthday greetings.

On our second trip, we took the opportunity to release sky lanterns as a good measure of luck for the birthday celebrants. We excitedly waited for the lanterns to fly and after a few tries, some of them danced into mid-air until they disappeared in the darkness of the night.

Sky lantern to be flown to the air from the deck.

Yet, the hour seemed to fly so quick. Before we knew it, the ship was sailing back to the dock. For P250, it was a great experience. Of course, we paid double so we could enjoy the entire night at the sea. And it gave us a good vantage point of seeing our city as if looking on a canvass. It’s a different picture when viewed from Manila Bay.

3 comments on “Dinner Cruise at Manila Bay

  1. Net says:

    It’s a unique way to celebrate your birthday. Well done who made this idea.

  2. Noy says:

    This looks fun. I wanna try this, too.

    • firsttimetravel says:

      It’s different than just dining out in one of the restaurants. Better when it is a Saturday because you see the fireworks at MOA from the bay side.

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