First-time in Star City

Colorful shapes, fun games, and guiltless pleasures – this is the magic of childhood. And so I found my feet leading me to Star City, to revisit my childhood, along with cousin and aunt who was in town for medical purposes.


The magic of Star City touches kids and adults alike. Photo by Claire Algarme.

Amidst the slight drizzle and heavy traffic, we headed to the CCP Complex where Star City is located. I’ve passed by this theme park several times. I have always wondered what’s inside Star City. Of course, there would be rides, which I’m not that interested to try. Yet, curiosity got the better of me so I invited my relatives to join me in an afternoon of fun and exploration.


What’s nice about Star City is that it is very accessible and urban dwellers can take a short escape from the hustle and bustle of city life and embark on an adventure in this entertainment park. Moreover, it has indoor and outdoor attractions.


Shrieks of excitement and laughter were heard as we entered the park. There were horror rides, roller coaster, and bumper car rides. There are several rides you can choose from – for kids and for adults alike. I’m not into rides as I easily get dizzy. So, we tried some Star Games but what I thought was as easy as to shoot a ring on a bottle neck was, in reality, a difficult feat to do.


Missed it! Not an easy thing to do, after all. Photo by Claire Algarme.

The one attraction that I was excited about was the Winter Funland. It was freezing inside, like winter has suddenly dawned on tropical Philippines. But be careful though because it’s slippery inside. Giant ice carvings and pine trees covered by “snow” caught my attention. Too bad I couldn’t take photos inside. It would have been my closest brush to a white Christmas.


Children obviously enjoyed the place, their laughter were contagious. I was amazed at the Pirate Adventure design, as if, a hill and a cave suddenly emerged in the midst of the city. As we explored Star City, we got into the fish spa area. For three tokens, we dipped our feet for 20 minutes, or I think longer, and got tickled by the fishes eating our dead skins. I was giggling the whole time, their tiny bites sending ticklish sensations from my feet to different parts of my body. I may say that it was the most hilarious 20 minutes of my life. I probably looked like a crazy woman seating on a tiny pool who has succumbed to harmless fishes.


Go fish! Twas a fun moment at the fish spa! Photo by Claire Algarme.

Of course, we also did a little shopping, something my cousin and my aunt can take back home to the province. I imagine that by the holiday season, more families will be trooping to Star City, joining in the revelry. It’s a wonderful treat, especially for kids. Yes, for that afternoon, I felt like a child once more.


It’s childhood all over again. Photo by Claire Algarme.

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    bukas po b kau ng aug 29? wat tym po? pls rep. tnx

  2. sa view palanG nakakamangha na, pano pa kaya pag nasa persOnal?

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