More fun pic: Calauit, Palawan

Calauit seemed to be a forgotten island. It had its share of fame during the Marcos administration when it was developed as an animal sanctuary. Yes, animals roam freely here and they have a Savannah where they can gather during the day. It’s a long boat ride to this island and not many animals are around. But visitors can get up close and personal with the residents of the islands — giraffe, zebra, etc. — by feeding them. It’s a taste of what Africa can offer, though nothing close to it, I guess.

Still, it’s better than just imagining what it would be like out in the wild.


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  1. I haven’t seen a real giraffe myself. How tall was the one in the picture. Looks as though you guys were having a great time feeding that gigantic giraffe.

  2. louie says:

    Buti pa kayo, nakapunta na dyan. Ako mismong taga-Palawan, ni Underground River na nasa City na, di ko pa napupuntahan. :C

  3. Pfenninger Fam says:

    Wow! I never thought ,giraffe can be seen in our country, where is it ? how can we go there? Is it safe to go reach this area? Palawan is already distance from manila so how much more this beautiful scenery? right? you must be couragious!!!

  4. I’ve been there once! I totally enjoyed the trip but wasn’t able to get too close with a giraffe. I fear their height! :(

    Quick facts: Giraffes are now endangered across the world. Currently, there are nine acknowledged subspecies for giraffes; but recent scientific findings (DNA analysis) showed that Kordofan (formerly a subspecie) is really a separate specie on its own.

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