Ostrich and Roasted Pig in CDO

So, I’ve been to and fro Cagayan de Oro five times this year. And it’s not yet even half of 2012. All these trips are business-related and not one was for leisure. The most leisurely thing I’ve done in this southern city in the Philippines is a hair cut in one of the beauty salons and dining out. Good thing that the food, the company, and the dining experience compensate with the hours spent in our build sites (and my unfulfilled hunger to go white-water rafting).

Cagayan de Oro has been hit by tremendous flooding caused by typhoon Sendong (Washi) on December 2011. Not a good way to spend Christmas and New Year for the families there. Throughout my trips, which was done almost every month, the city is gradually rising up to the challenge and is bringing the vibrance back to life. Night markets, food stalls, street massage, and such is the scene I found one Friday night at Cagayan de Oro’s downtown area, known as Divisoria. I’d love to try the street food but I was content with the food I’ve tasted in the various restaurants in the city.

Prawn House

I’ve stayed at the Prawn House Suites and Restauarant, a quaint inn at the back of SM Mall, a couple of times. Not only is the place a walking distance from the mall, it also serves affordable and delectable prawn dishes. If you are into crabs and prawns, the Prawn House is a good try.

Giant prawn images greet diners and guests at the Prawn House Suites and Restaurant.

Sentro 1850

Right at the heart of the city, along 50 Apolinar Velez St., Sentro 1850, serves a variety of food, from meat to seafood, from steak to pasta, and from Philippine to International cuisines. The food is a bit pricey for a local, although it is almost the same price range as other fine dining restaurants in the contry. The pastries and cakes seem delicious, though I never got to try them. Sentro 1850 is accessible and ideal for meetings.

Sentro 1850 is found at the heart of Cagayan de Oro.


My last visit had me stay at the Stonestown Suites, just along the highway and a few minutes from the airport. It’s even a walking distance from SM Mall. Free breakfast was served at the building’s Aroma Restaurant. The beef steak was delicious. Plus, the small coffee shop and restauarant is a cozy place where one can just pass the day undisturbed.

The aroma of coffee and a homey feel fills the air at the Aroma.

Buffalo Resto Grill

It was like a banquet when we held our evaluation dinner in this restaurant. We had a private room for 50 people where we spent the rest of the evening belting it out over the karaoke machine. The food was sumptuous and the place is very affordable. Just expect to find meat dishes on your table though. It is just across the Provincial Hall and close to Divisoria. This is a good place to celebrate special occasions.

What a sumptuous meat dish at the Buffalo Grill Resto.

Kagay-anon Restaurant

My colleagues who are based in Cagayan de Oro (and slowly becoming a local expert themselves) brought us to Kagay-anon Restaurant, said to be one of the most popular dining places in the city. Public officials, as well as visiting personalities, frequent this restaurant. And for the the first time, I tasted Ostrich meat. To my surprise, it was sumptuous! I must say that I had the best dinner ever here in CDO. The kinilaw, the shrimp, the ostrich, and the fresh coconut juice made my night. Definitely, it’s worth coming back to CDO and to Kagay-anon with such delicious food.

Sizzling ostrich meat!

Birthday party with Roasted Pig

I had another one unforgettable dinner in CDO. And it was not held in a restaurant. A birthday party of a young man was celebrated in his own abode, which was devastated by the flood, evidenced by the hardened mud on their ceiling. I didn’t know the celebrant personally but I went with the whole gang to his dinner party. In the province, such occurence is not surprising as they usually open their doors to visitors and guests. That is the Filipino hospitality to the hilt. So there I was, seated in this man’s living room, with a roomful of children.

A simple birthday dinner party calls for a roasted pig at the dining table.

Though they are a humble family, they prepared roasted pig, along with spaghetti and other home-made Filipino dishes. Roasted pigs are usually served during momentous occasions, in this case, a birthday celebration. Unabashed, I cut a crisp offering of the roasted pig skin and placed on my plate. Before we knew it, the pig was opened in half, with little meat and all bones left. It was a filling meal and a great way to experience family birthday dinners as locals do.

These dining experiences made my visits to Cagayan de Oro heartwarming. The food sates my appetite. The laughter over meals fill my heart. And the positive energy of the people is the rainbow that brings color and hope to CDO.

A rainbow at the Habitat for Humanity community.

6 comments on “Ostrich and Roasted Pig in CDO

  1. Karen Bagnol says:

    Oh, it made me feel great to see this place where I spent my college…I can’t imagine how this city had developed since I left in 2004…I’m excited to visit the places you featured here this October..

  2. Good for the mention about Prawn House — where anyone would enjoy, even if not a crab or prawn lover. Cagayan de Oro City has grown by leaps and bounds throughout the decades, and all of it lively. Already, the city is a hub for retirees and expats, aside from it’s tourism potential.

  3. wow. nagutom ako sa dami ng food choices. hopefully i get to visit some of them when i go to CDO soon. thanks for this Claire 😀

  4. Rochie Ira says:

    While I was having my vacation in Cagayan de Oro, we were staying in Mallbery Suites, it was really accessible to reach the Kagay-an Restaurant. The food was really good and before leaving for Manila, we dropped by Sentro.

  5. Joanna says:

    I already missed the taste of lechon baboy. Can’t wait to have my vacation in cdo this coming December. Definitely going to the places you suggest.

  6. April says:

    I had a chance to visit Cagayan de Oro City just this summer vacation and I stayed at my friend’s house. She accompanied me to visit and eat at the different restaurants there. There’s no time to regret visiting cdo because it is one of the time vacation and the experience is all worth it.

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