First-time in Sarangani

What’s good about business trips is that you get the chance to visit places at short notice. The downside is that you spend most of your time doing work that you get no chance to fully enjoy the place.


It was a day trip to Sarangani, home to the magnificent Sarangani Bay. The early morning flight brought us to a quiet morning in General Santos City. With a groundbreaking activity to prepare, we immediately jumped in our van and spent breakfast on the road, something I don’t recommend after a bumpy flight.


The view of the bay from the plane. By Claire Algarme.

After almost an hour on the road that gave us a foretaste of the countryside, the beautiful Sarangani Bay came into view. I was itching to take a dip at the beautiful beaches below us but work has to come first.


Enticing beaches gave us a foretaste of what to expect in Sarangani. Photo by Claire Algarme.

We arrived in Glan after days of rains with the mud welcoming us. We got into a tricycle and had a short adventure as we headed to our destination. Ducks were also taking part of the celebration.


Families who will soon become homeowners gathered in a colored tent. Finally, Filipino boxing champ, Cong. Manny Pacquiao, arrived. He bought the land for families without a home and Habitat for Humanity Philippines will be building the houses and will be developing the community along with these families.


The groundbreaking activity with Cong. Manny Pacquiao. Photo by Claire Algarme.

The atmosphere was festive but we had to rush back to General Santos, an hour away, to catch our flight to Manila. On the road, with work already done, I tried to absorb the scenery before me – rice paddies, cows, winding roads, mosques, food stalls, markets and the alluring beaches.


Local market selling clothes along the highway. Photo by Claire Algarme.

I felt deprived. It was as if I just sniffed in Sarangani and I was taken out of it in an instant. But the trip made me hunger for more. Next time, I’ll take some extra days to fully explore the province…and maybe take a side trip to Lake Sebu. That, I hope will come to fruition.

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