10 Things To Enjoy in Taipei

If you are looking at the map and wondering where would be a good place for your next travel destination, it’s time you take a closer look at Taipei and put it in your must-visit list. With its urban vibe, colorful history, and surprising nature destinations, there are so many reasons to visit Taipei.

I truly enjoyed my first trip in Taipei and I’m considering going back to this vibrant city in the near future. The trip was extra fun with our satisfying stay at Go Sleep Hankou (READ my blog post on Go Sleep here or check out more information on rates, amenities and availability in its Agoda page), where there’s unlimited coffee and drinks, and strategically located in the exciting area of Ximending.

So, why visit Taipei? Here are 10 things you can enjoy in Taipei; they are 10 reasons why you should pack your bags and head there.

  1. Climb Taipei 101 – The bamboo-inspired Taipei 101 is the tallest structure in the world from 2004 to 2010 and a major attraction in this metropolis where you can get a good view of the city.
Taipei 101
Taipei 101 at night.
  1. Feast on local food and street eats – enjoy the dimsum in Din Tai Fung, try Taipei’s delectable street food, and go local when it comes to filling your gustatory delights.
  1. Watch the changing of the guards – head over to the Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall or the Taiwan’s Martyr’s Shrine and be mesmerized by the interesting cadence during the changing of the guards.
Martyr's Shrine
The guards perform their exhibition acts.
  1. Visit the panda and other animals – the Taipei Zoo is a wonderful place to spend the day and watch such cute animals like the panda and the koala.
  1. Hang out at the Taipei Expo Park – Taipei has many recreational areas and one interesting place is the Taipei Expo Park where the green building EcoArk can be found.
EcoArk Taipei Expo Park
The EcoArk.
  1. Stroll in Ximending and the night marketsXimending lights up at night, with various street performances that can keep you entertained. Fill your shopping bags here and in other night markets like Shilin, Huaxi Street, and Tonghua.
Billboards, LED screens and neon lights add glam & vibe to the ambiance.
  1. Revisit history at the National Palace Museum – The National Palace Museum is a rich repository of historical artifacts where you can learn about the birth of Taiwan.
National Palace Museum
The National Palace Museum view from the gate.
  1. Head to the mountains – Commune with nature in the mountainous part of Taipei, Yangmingshan Natural Park, where you can trek to the waterfalls, see the roaming cows at the Qingtiangang Grassland or explore the earth’s vents at Xiaoyoukeng.
Xiaoyoukeng Taiwan
Mist, fog and smoke veil the mountain.
  1. Ride to nearby areas – A few hours beyond Taipei are other interesting tourist spots like the sky lanterns in Shifen, the mining town of Jiufen, and the rock images in Yehliu.
  2. Dine in interesting restaurants and cafes – Sip a cup of tea at the historic The Red House in Ximen, or eat in bizarre restaurants like Modern Toilet, A380 In-Flight Kitchen, or DS Music Restaurant.

Once you get to know Taipei, you’ll love the dynamic ambiance of the city. Now, are you ready for a fun getaway in Taipei?


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